6 september 2017


They are Brother and live in lombok. Their father  Wayan Pengsong is the one of famous painter in Lombok or Indoensia. But their style from Gredeg, Mantra and Pengsong is different. Gredeg and Matra used Abstract style and Pengsong use Realist. That why they always ‘fight’ about idea or style during discus about art.

But Gredeg who has big body  say everything is good and he appreciated with his father and Whatever his blood art came from his father. They remember how their father guiding them for their future. Their father  always give some duty for Gredeg and Mantra, such propose them to clean paint stuff  after his father painting. They do it almost everyday about 5 o’clock in the morning.  ‘’It’s form of learning process of us. Because I was so lazy painting, I was have no mood at all. But step by step I likes painting,’’Greded said.

Gredeg and mantra have different  persfective of life –  which is  influencing of their painting style and their creative process more and less.  Gredeg  graduated from Design interior – Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB). But he has character more strong and free. His has bobby riding big motors and he love challenge experiences (challenge experiment).  That is could see from his painting mostly use strong color to explore him self.

He doesn’t use his talent as interior  design, he said on interior design could be trapped by  system (mathematics system) everything is sure. But painting he use unlimited of ideas, corner or angle, space, measurement, shape or structure or system.  That why, after graduated from University, he turn 180 drajat or be professional painting. But of course he need time to get own style. Because first he still influenced by design interior style. From his community with artist and his life experiences he try stand up and explore him self to find own style.

During he’s painting, he’s combine between Meditation, dream and others world. He say during painting is involving him self  coming to then color, canvas and every breath mix togther. ‘’When I start to paint, I don’t know what will be. Just following the mind – on meditating, something like dreaming and influenced by something from another world,.’’ described him. After done to paint,  he talking  by him self  to his painting to get an answer. ‘’ I like seating and talking in front of my painting. Just to find the answer, but sometime my head hurt because there is something cant resolve.’’GRedeg Said.

How about Mantra, he has different character, Mantra is younger Brother of Gredeg. Since was young, he got polio. But he doesn’t type of man who is easy to give up. From  his incompleteness he   struggle and try to get future without  help from others. He is smart one, before goes to University he like electronic  more stronger than to paint, he was confused to choose between electronic technology  or painting art,  But his father propose him to study in ISI Yogyakarta majoring find art department, and finally he success and exist until now.

His painting style is modern or abstract but more soft than Gredeg. He’s  life influenced  of his painting.  His painting describe of loneliness, from the shape and title, but we could catch ‘strong’ energy from the color as well.

That is a painting art world, democratic and could be free flying everywhere, unlimited of space, unlimited of idea, came to the blood, could find energy every breath, every step, every seconds.

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