12 juli 2017

Made Suraja

As Balinese, he always respect and appreciated of the people around of his village or his community in Banjar Bunutan, DEsa Kedewatan, Ubud – Gianyar, Bali. He’s a young artis from Bali who his skill came from his father and influenced by people around him. He still remember how when he was on elementary school, he worked make simple statue to get money.

His was happy when his created sold (simple things such as birds statue tac). After in high school, he more serious to explore his imagination for art and of course for his ‘kitchen’ on his income. First is make ‘’Balinese traditional relief’’, panting and soft stone carving – with traditional style. But since Suraja,31 years finished of his studied, he often meeting and discus with his friend and another artist. From them, he got ‘spirit’ and support to explore more and more.

Then he made ‘modern statue style’ but still use soft stone (grind stone).  And 4 years a go, when he made or renovated his house and  ‘trace way’ on his house, he has idea to use strong stone from river, beach or somewhere to his created.  He saw natural stone (strong stone) very unique and could to make or explore be unique statue as well. And finally many people loves his style. He combine from small pieces of cloth and stone.

And now his unique stone statue  already spread out to some countries in Australia and Europe as well. His proud by himself that many people love his create.

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