6 september 2017

Ima Sudana

His has simple daily performance  life.  Almost everyday he stay at home – thinking about  live life of Bali.  He was born from Hindu family, close to relative or family and culture as well.    He always enjoy to see how people making and giving offering to the God. The nice smell of stick fire, flower, water and the material of Hindu (Balinese) offering. They are be together as a main idea to explore in canvas. The color  when he painting as representative of the religious. He take the  spirit of ritual and another activities in Temples, Banjar or another Balinese community.  He is Made Sudana,36 years old, painter from Banjar Kutuh, Sayan Ubud-Gianyar, Bali, who use Bali spirit as process creative when  he painting.

Since in elementary school he love painting and when he was 13 years old he started involve on group of   ‘young artis’ in Ubud who was coordinated by Arie Smith Senior painter who is lives in Ubud since many-many years a go. Beside involve in young artis style. When he was in High School he learn tradition UBUD style as well.

Form his experiences, he goes to University took Painting art in Denpasar. From University got knowledge about everything of art (painting). He learn and learn about art  from traditional to modern art in campus. And 1999 he finished from university and start working by his self.

He  used Abstract style  which is give him freedom to explore of him self, no distance and no border. All his paint out from soul, blood and spirit from surround of him. He used dominant color by  old chocolate, brown, white and red. ‘’that color representative of religion ‘’ he said.

He product of his paint spread out to Jakarta, Holland, Amerika, England, and Australia and other countriest.

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