6 september 2017

Hutomo Ishii

When he walking around in everywhere, he always   looking something.  His eyes always looking something on the ground. In the beach, in the street  or in the market.  He is Hutomo Ishii, he’s a painter from Japan who is  live permanently in Banjar Ambengan, Peliatan Village, Ubud, Gianyar-Bali. He use  some things  or collage which was found in the street, beach or somewhere as property or part of material  for his painting.

His has Abstract stayle and his style be unique because  he use collage from somewhere.  So it’s surprise when come to his workshop there are a lot of strange things  but he could use them  for something unique and high value to  put on his canvas.

Hutomo Ishii have been living in Ubud, Bali for  more than 15 years. The Balinese community, Culture and spiritual influencing of his painting or his style. They are give inspiration and life that why He Love Ubud, Bali. Until now he doesn’t want leave from Bali. Bali is his village and his place. He dream, breathing, eating and drink from Bali resources.

Before painting, he always make small sketch and follow his mind like meditation. He painting with nature – ‘’nature is God and God Is the best Artist.’’ Hutomo Ishii say.

For his painting spread out America, Australia, Holland, France, Norway, Germany, Spain, India, China, taiwn atc.  HI has been ehbition in Japan, Jakarta and Ubud.

When he doesn’t painting he like going to beach, walking around of Valle and play music. He is axophone artis as well as with his wife in Japan – people known that he’s a artis couple.

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