6 september 2017

Hengki Pudjianto

Was born in Surabaya – East Java, 41 years a go and start for professional painter since 2000’s. Since in elementary school he like painting until in High school. But after from High school he took English literature department in University.  Was not finish his studied and then he had car variation supplier business.

He has adventure hobby, From the nature he could play with his imagination about  everything. Until 2000 he came to Bali for business first, when in Bali, his ‘power’ to painting came up again. Was not suddenly to painting, but step by step he try to learn again for painting just for play color – during  kill of the time.

Since 2003 he start be professional  and full his life for art painting. He moved to Ubud and meeting often with his community, discus about art and life. Nature be a basic of his painting.  Ubud gave him a lot of experiences to explore of his mind which is to put on canvas. From his hobby – close to nature, he record to his mind and explore to  the canvas with ‘abstract figurative’ style. The color mostly use soil color – to explore of his identity for more strong.

His created (painting)  already spread out to some countries in Europe (France, Italia, Holland, England, atc,) Australia, America, Canada,  Dubai, Hongkong atc.  He have been make exhibition in Sydney, London, Paris, Canada, Hongkong and Canada.

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