6 september 2017

Agni Ardi

Eccentric yes he‚Äôs, when we see first.¬† With bald-headed¬† he look very simple, friendly¬† and so easy invite him to talk about live of life. He has nice smile and welcome to everybody who is like come to his house. With his wife, he live with full of harmony in Penestanan kelod ‚Äď Ubud, Gianyar-Bali.

Agni ardi or Agus was born in Bandung- West Java. Has many interested  for anything. Before he become professional  painter, he like Architect and interested  with  art painting as well. That why he studied in Institute technology of bandung (painting art department) but was not until finished.

Since was young, he¬† has talent about painting. From university he got a lot of knowledge and¬† experiences ‚Äď even he was not until graduate, but he explore himself to painting and looking some experience more and more. He has been learn History n art theory in¬† England and it‚Äôs make getting¬† mature to explore himself on canvas.

Since 1979 he often came to Bali. He love Bali very much because as inspiration resources of his created. Since 15 years later, he decided stayed permanently in Ubud, explore of himself more and more. His experience and his environment around him in Ubud influenced of his paintng. ¬†He loves everyday¬† people serve offering to the God, For the artist community, Ubud is a right pleace as culture village. And¬† for the result of his painting¬† He called ‚Äė‚ÄôHoly joy‚Äô.

His motto is ‚Äď how the painting could make him happiness and meantime he get satisfaction on his mind because his painting is part of offering to the god as well. That why he say ‚Äė‚Äôpainting must be beautiful or nice or indah‚Äô‚Äô. The gold color give of impression, feel great, huge, holy and wonderful. But in his creative process he use his mind ‚Äď fly to somewhere,¬† sometime¬† feel orgasm by¬† himself, sometime feel trouble or¬† whatever. He could ¬†so free unlimited of time or space. That is the way how to find something.

He loves sea, on his painting he always put his mind unlimited idea or unlimited space like ¬†sea. Blue and peace, huge and great. That is his paint with his¬† call¬†Holy joy‚Äô style ‚Äď mix from moderns tyle . traditional with ‚Äėgreat color‚Äô or gold color. ¬†The process creative¬† he is always seating in front of canvas. He say that ‚Äėif there is no canvas, his feel lonely, ¬†no power or spirit‚Äô‚Äô.

But when he feel boring, he always going to the beach, play and talk with nature. He could take  the spirit again and start to make activity to paint. That why he would like be fisherman when he retired oneday.

Hi has been make exhibition everywhere in some countries in Europe, Arab, Jepang, Australia, Norway atc.  At moment hi has special project in China and Taiwan.

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